CASPEA FOUNDATION, Capacity Building for Sport, Change and Peace Work.
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What does the CASPEA training include?

Participants will be trained in:

  • Implementation of sport events with the aim to pass on values like respect, fairness, resilience, rule acceptance, integrative behaviour, reduction of violence
  • Methods in Mediation
  • Methods in Conflict Resolution
  • Sport Project Management

A successful project management always needs the knowledge in which system the own work is located. Especially in conflict areas the knowledge about its own position within the social context is essential for the success.

Central questions in this cognitive process are:

  • How can you define achievable goals for social change?
  • How can you gain trust for your project among divided stakeholders?
  • How can you realise conflict resolution in sport?
  • How can you work with mediation skills in sport?

Based on this knowledge our training modules include:

  • Peace Vision / Community Vision
  • Conflict Mapping and Conflict Constellations
  • Leadership
  • Train the Trainers – didactics
  • Sport as a method to pass on values and to change behaviour
  • Teambuilding
  • Mediation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Participants are certified as “Project Manager for the Use of Sport as a Tool for Social Change“.

CASPEA Alumni are connected to a network; they support each other after the CASPEA workshop and implement own regional initiatives. They are able to offer their own training modules and to impart their knowledge.

Where do the CASPEA Workshops take place?

There is always an immediate trial and error

CASPEA trainings can be held in Switzerland, where we are based. We also hold our workshops in other countries, depending on the wish and need of the training participants. The workshop duration is 7 to 14 days, depending on the modules which apply to the participants.

No workshop is just a lecture.  Each module is based on the immediate trial and error of the learned skills. CASPEA Foundation always considers the possibilities and circumstances in the home country of the delegates.

The training cost range between 180 and 260 Swiss francs per day. This includes accommodation, catering, transportation, workshop materials, sport materials and all activities which are related to the workshop programme.

Where is CASPEA active?

Currently CASPEA is active in Jordan and Kosovo

Our recent projects take place in the the Middle East and the Balkans.

Soon on this website you will find out more about our past and planned projects!

Please contact us for your own training project:
We will adjust our training modules according to your training demand.