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Jordan School Support Project:


Enhancing the Quality of Education for Palestinian and Jordanian School Children.

“Infrastructure Support for schools and Capacity Building for children and teachers go hand in hand – a development programme to enhance the level of education for children in Jordanian schools for the years 2008-2011″.

Improve the educational conditions of refugee camp schools and Jordanian public schools in order to:
- encourage educational performance
- increase the number of girls in education
- reduce school dropout rates
- decrease potential of conflict between migrants and local population

Target Group:
3600 Palestinian and Jordanian school children in formal education, age 6-17 years.

A parlous situation

The refugee situation has to be improved

For this reason CASPEA Foundation supports eight schools in Jordan. Four of them are managed by the Jordanian government; four by the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East).

Refugee Camp, Amman

This collaboration improves the school system in relation to the dramatic refugee situation.

The situation is not new

Jordan has been  highly affected by the unstable situation in the Middle East for more than 40 years.

The country is hit by floods of refugees from Palestine, from Iraq and Iran. Most of these refugees are situated in refugee camps.

The UNRWA is running its own schools for Palestinian children inside the refugee camps. However, the teaching staff is working under bad conditions.

Actually, the refugees and the local population suffer from this situation.  The displeasure of the Jordanians is rising additionally.

CASPEA Foundation helps

CASPEA Foundation reduces tensions among the different population groups with its workshops and supports schools for a better education.

Communication without prejudices – pass it on

The existing physical education in governmental and UNRWA schools is the base for our “Programme in Empowerment“.

The children learn to take their matters in their own hands. They can develop resilience to cope with their situation of poverty, disadvantage or social exclusion.

Sport is the perfect instrument to solve conflicts in a peaceful way. It avoids that children are pushed into victimhood.

How helps CASPEA Foundation?

The Schools will be qualified to take their fortune in their own hands. With this approach the education quality will be improved.

The so called “Progamme in Empowerment” is built on the already existing sport education. Sport teacher will be educated in the CASPEA workshops. Afterwards, they are able to pass their information over in their own lessons.

During the three-year project launch period, a sport- and social network will be developed. This network is going beyond the bounds of Palestinian and Jordanian communities. Regular events are the conclusion of this development.

Additionally, the schools are supported to take their fortune in their own hands. With the aid of CASPEA workshops they have the knowledge to plan their future.

Requirements, chances and challenges are assessed with participating methods. Step by step the education quality will be improved for boys and girls.

Each of these eight schools is financially supported according to their self-management plans.

CASPEA methods are self multiplying

The participating sport teachers will be trained to be ambassadors. They will independently pass on the contents after they have finished the workshop successfully.

This method guarantees sustainability, which is continuously checked by monitoring and evaluation experts.

Evaluation Report

View evaluation report on Train the Trainers workshop in Irbid 09, by Prof. Dr. Richard Giulianotti, Durham University