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Can we help annually more than 7500 refugees who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD)?

24 January, 2018

The new CASPEA initiative combining peace-building with job creation and long-term psychic health



A gigantic challenge faced with a serious proposal


Hundred thousands of people in the Middle East are traumatised and live in camps without much opportunities to build a reasonable life. At the same time large international investment goes into arms procurement in the region, meaning prospect of further violent conflict thus leading to poverty and desperation.


This project is different from most other support or investment considerations for this area. It is saving money to the local economy, provides hopes, creates jobs through self-help peace-building activities and helps people live a decent life. This anti-poverty initiative is based on highly effective change methods:


Highly efffective method for change


Inorder to find comprehensive answers to the challenge we found solutions, which were required at a time western societies were facing similar  problems. Referring to his experiences with soldiers returning from the battle fields of the second World War, Prof. Dr. John Watkins, the later founder of Ego-States Therapy, stated already 1948:


„From a number of these cases we can conclude that the enucleation of a few of the most severe conflicts, accompanied by an adjustmentof environmental factors, may bring considerable relief. This ‚limited-help therapy’ can through the medium of hypnosis be more widely employed to assist those neurotics who could never afford a complete psychoanalysis.“ (John G. Watkins, Ph.D.: Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses. A Clinical Psychologsist’s Casebook. Roland Press Company 1948, p. 351).


This strategic proposition will be implemented by this project in the Middle East. Considering the extent of traumatas compared to the local capacities to deal with them, a comprensive training imparting the skills and attitudes for successful self-employed trauma therapists almost suggests itself.


Reliable, standardised fast training with proven results and intercultural applicability


Reviewing the challenge in all its aspect we concluded that the OMNI hypnosis training would be an ideal basic education process for this situation. It is short, comprehensive and interculturally applied. The OMNI hypnosis therapist training is so far the only ISO-certified hypnosis training worldwide. It is not only comprehensive and short, but also helps the trainees build their own small business. It has been tested for trauma-reprocessing and is used in countries as different as Dubai, Brasil or China. The OMNI hypnosis  standardised process ensures comparability. Its generic design provides for easy adjustment to each individual case, and a professionally devised social media exchange and continuous education system guarantees quality of services and mutual support among the therapists. Till date app. 5000 therapists have been trained with the OMNI method, and it is estimated that they serve worldwide at least two hundred thousand people per year.


Such a programme must be ventured by a professional team

For this reason we have decided to rely on a strong group of persons who have all well performed in their fields. Our interdisciplinary team unites experts from the fields of peace-building, trauma reprocessing, hypnosis training, development co-operation, business development, and capacity building. We are experienced in building a system of independently working therapists, because many of us already have contributed to such systems in their own countries of origin. All our experts bring in their own practical know-how.


Poverty reduction effect: Why trauma work is so efficient


It is estimated that psychosomatic symptoms and social depreviation caused by trauma in an average create cost of app. 110’000 USD per person due to physical and psychic illness, loss of income and other after effects. Because of the wars in the Middle East probably hundred thousands of people got severely traumatised. This is generating long-term social and medical cost of billions of dollars, which will lacking poor people.


Self-help promotional effect: small business development


Trauma work or hypnosis therapy can become the source of a reasonable income. It is a real alternative to arms trade or other war-enhancing professional activities. Thus it is strengthening the pro-peace economy and provides job opportunities for persons engaged in constructive conflict transformation.



16 November, 2009

Caspea Foundation for Peace and Sport – We congratulate the Under 17 Selection of Switzerland for winning the FIFA U-17 World Cup title.

The unexpected became reality. In Abuja, Nigeria the young Swiss team won the U17 world cup title. Besides proofing technical skills the football crew has shown team spirit, the ability of good organisation and the spirit of solidarity. The extraordinary performance by such a multicultural team was possible thanks to the focused team leadership. CASPEA supports similar values in its current project for Palestinian refugees and poor students in Jordan through providing sport equipment and training for trainers in the fields of capacity building and conflict resolution.

Devastating News from Afghanistan: War Victim CASPEA Alumni

9 September, 2009

We are mourning the loss of our friend Sultan Munadi, CASPEA Alumni 2006 and Journalist for the New York Times in Afghanistan.
He lost his life during a NATO operation near Kunduz. Sultan and his British colleague were held hostage by Taliban. It is said that Sultan died during the military attempt to be freed.

We deeply deplore this loss and bloodsheed in the course of the ongoing violence in Afghanistan.
Sultan’s unfaltering committment to the peaceful future of his country, his optimistic spirit, and his courage will stay with us.

CASPEA attended FIFA Football for Hope Forum

1 July, 2009

We were delighted to accept the kind invitation to attend the Football for Hope Forum in Vaal, S. Africa with FIFA and StreetFootballWorld.  It  was a great opportunity to enhance our program by continuing to learn from experts in the field of Sport for Development. Our programme input on Football and Peace Building attracted many delegates’ attention. We were confronted with an overwhelming demand for capacity building, coaching and leadership development for Football projects in developing and post war countries.

Football for Hope Forum

Anita Schmidt (CASPEA) and Mustapha Albert (Amputee Soccer, Sierra Leone); Speakers of workshop: "Football and Peace Building"

In the framework of the FfH Forum, Caspea had the chance to visit one of PlaySoccer South Africa’s sites in Finetown, Johannesburg. Here, the children of the township, aged 2 to 17, attend regular sport and free time activities held by volounteers and peer leaders.

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CASPEA’s School Support Project in Jordan

4 June, 2009

Schools enter next level of self-management: Capacity building and infrastructure support go hand in hand

After completion of workshops on participatory assessments with the school communities, the project schools now develop strategy plans for the investments into their infrastructure.

The objective of all new acquisitions is the direct benefit of the school children and their possibility to play and do sports. Renovations and construction work will start during the summer holiday. CASPEA holds in trust the substantial donations for the schools. For more information on the project, please visit the section on our website:

CASPEA / Jordan

CASPEA at FIFA’s Football for Hope Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 23-25, 2009

4 June, 2009

CASPEA is invited to speak as an expert on peace building through football. During the first Football for Hope Forum this month CASPEA will present on the panel activities, possibilities and challenges of sport as a tool for peace promotion.

Here you can find more information on this upcoming highlight in the sport and development community:

Football for Hope

Second Phase of the Jordanian School Support Project has started April 24th and 25th

29 April, 2009


The teachers of the 8 participating Palestinian and Jordanian Schools who were certified as CASPEA coaches in January, were now trained to conduct PRA sessions at their schools with the whole school community.

In early May, the will gather data and the needs at their schools in order to strategically plan and self-manage their schools’ future. They are supported by local PRA expert Mr Anis Tarabei and CASPEA’s representative in Amman, Mrs Afaf Maraka.

Re-Launch Homepage

29 April, 2009

From now on, here you can find the online appearance of CASPEA. The new foundation which emerged from exCHANGE FOR PEACE will constantly expand its internet services. Soon we will be able to inform you comprehensively. Please check our website regularly.