CASPEA FOUNDATION, Capacity Building for Sport, Change and Peace Work.
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What we do?

CASPEA offers training modules which combine long time experience in conflict transformation, peace building and a worldwide network of peace promoters. We work with an interdisciplinary pool of experts who bring in their knowledge from the fields of development cooperation, organisational development, sport science and physical education.

In our trainings, we combine the components of Leadership Development and Capacity Building for the practical use in projects which use sport as a tool to bring about social change on various social levels.

Our training programs support project initiators, peace promoters, youth leaders -on both organisational and individual level in the fields of development cooperation and community work, in sport associations or the educational system,  who work towards participation, equal chances, education and health care, conflict transformation or dialogue enhancement.

The specific use of sport as an instrument to pursue these goals is the objective of the CASPEA trainings. The investment into the capacities of the project staff supports existing structures and enhances the local ownership of development and community building.

Our graduates are enabled to run projects self sustainably. They are certified “Project Manager for the Use of Sport as a Tool for Social Change”

Why Sports?

With the help of sport it is possible to mobilise parts of the population who otherwise cannot be reached. There are target groups who normally do not have access to common interfaces except for sport.  Examples are:

  • youth of conflicting populations or divides societies,
  • women who are not allowed to the public
  • children from backgrounds with little encouragement or opportunities for education
  • traumatised individuals in wars and disasters

There are numerous examples of it where the use of sport and play has led to a normalisation of the situation and, thus, to renunciation of violence, reconciliation and an improvement of social and economic circumstances.

Community building measures with the help of sports can be introduced with comparably very low cost and staff expenditures. The integration into existing structures and the empowerment of local initiatives provides for sustainability and cost effectiveness.